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Astronomy Event for Beginners

🌟 Join us for an Unforgettable Stargazing Event! 🌌

Attention all Trade Fair attendees and esteemed clients!

We are happy to invite you to a captivating and celestial event that will take you on an

awe-inspiring journey through the wonders of the night sky.

Get ready to witness a stargazing extravaganza like no other!

Date: Friday July 7th

Time: Starting at 7.30pm


🔭 Discover the Magic of the Cosmos 🔭

This event isn't just for astronomy enthusiasts, it's a night of cosmic fun for everyone!

Bring your family, friends, and colleagues along, as we have planned various engaging activities suitable for all ages.

From stargazing experience to astrophotography workshops, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Are you interested in observation?

Come and check the stunning beauty of the darkness through a telescope or a astronomical binoculars.

Are you moving your first steps into astrophotography?

Feel free to bring your camera and tripod, and we will guide you into a basic approach to astrophotography:

  • setting camera for night shooting

  • shooting process

  • reading the histogram

  • managing calibration shots

Due the limited place available booking is highly recommended

Please send email to or reply via Facebook / Instagram undertheskyofmalta

🌟 Let the stars guide you to an unforgettable evening! See you there! 🌟 Event could be postponed / cancelled due bad weather condition. In case of last minute location changing due unforeseen circumstances, we will inform via social pages.


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