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Saturday February 3rd
18:30 onward

🌌 Seestar's Night: Stargazing Extravaganza! 🚀

Hi there! 🌠 I'm Roberto, and I'm thrilled to invite you to the next event at Mary Magdalene Chapel, Dingli Cliff, on Saturday, February 3rd, at 18:00.

🔭 Telescope Enthusiasts Welcome: Bring your telescope to elevate your cosmic observations under the starry night.

💬 FAQ Session: Got questions about telescopes, astronomy, or the Seestar ZWO? We've got answers!

🌟 Exclusive Demonstration: Witness the game-changer - the ZWO Seestar Smart telescope in action!

💸 Exclusive Pre-Order Offer: Secure your Seestar ZWO telescope with a 50 euro discount (offer valid during the event only).


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