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MiniTrack LX Quattro: astronomy photos that succeed

The Omegon MiniTrack Quattro is a mini-mount for astrophotography using wide-angle and lightweight telephoto lenses. This will allow you to capture fascinating images of the night sky - even if you haven't had anything to do with astrophotography until now.

This astrotracker is purely mechanical, without batteries - and now also takes heavy cameras and lenses weighing up to 4 kilograms. But there's even more to it: the MiniTrack Quattro has been redesigned from scratch and is now better than ever. For successful astrophotography that's addictive.

  • Successfully and effortlessly capturing the night sky

  • No need to recharge: functions using a mechanical system, independent of battery and power cables

  • Wind up the mechanism and get going immediately

  • Perfect for wide shots of the starry sky and telephoto lenses

  • Fits in every backpack: the perfect mount for travelling - wherever the road takes you.


The special advantages of the MiniTrack LX Quattro:

  • Even stronger: the new MiniTrack now takes even heavy cameras up to 4 kg

  • A needle roller bearing ensures smooth running - for better-tracked images

  • Newly developed spring system: the stronger spring system replaces a counterweight and reliably guides cameras even with heavy one-sided loads

  • CNC body: the MiniTrack consists of a piece of machined aluminium - high quality, stable, the perfect companion on every trip

  • Optical polar finder for exact alignment to the celestial pole

  • Simple conversion for astrophotography in the southern hemisphere

  • Simple to assemble: built-in Vixen GP-style plate - no additional rail needed


60 minutes of mechanical tracking

The MiniTrack has a mechanical heart. The accurate clockwork precisely guides your camera. Wind up the MiniTrack like an analogue clock and the tracking is activated. This mount never fails, even at sub-zero temperatures. Your new mount keeps a cool head, even with telephoto lenses. It is not without reason that this wide-field photography expert has conquered the hearts of amateur astronomers.


The smallest counterweight in the world?

The MiniTrack Quattro has a completely new spring system. It's not a counterweight, but it works like one. It ensures that the LX Quattro remains as compact and travel-ready as ever. It's simply got better and stronger. The spring directly drives the axle and guides your camera like a strong and precise arm.

Tip: an ideal tracking speed is reached when the mechanism ticks at 130-135 times per minute. You may need to adjust the spring tension, depending on the weight of your camera. We recommend that you measure the ticks per minute with a TapTempo BPM app for smartphones. These apps are created for the music industry and are supposed to automatically measure the tempo of a song. But you can use such an app to measure the MiniTrack's speed.


Needle roller bearing: track the stars precisely

The MiniTrack's integrated needle roller bearing performs the same role as power-steering in a car: It runs as smooth as silk. This is exactly what is needed, because the MiniTrack tracks the stars smoothly and precisely even when carrying heavier loads.


Looks great, inside and out: CNC housing made completely of aluminium

A real eye-catcher: The body of the MiniTrack Quattro now consists of a single piece of aluminium. No corners have been cut here, which makes this model even more stable. Whatever you demand from your MiniTrack, it will accompany you up mountains or on your travels and will succeed in every astronomy adventure with a smile.


High load-bearing capacity of 4 kilogrammes

The MiniTrack has now become fitter and can carry cameras weighing up to 4 kilogrammes. At the same time, our developers have kept the old and proven form. So the MiniTrack Quattro still fits in any bag. Have you always wanted to use a large and particularly fast lens? Until now, unfortunately it was always too big - but now it's possible.


Find the celestial pole more precisely

Simply use the optical polar finder to find the celestial pole. The MiniTrack comes with a holder and a polar finder, as also seen on large mounts. This makes it even easier to align the MiniTrack for images with point-shaped stars.


Fits on every photographic tripod

The MiniTrack has two connectors: for the tripod and for your camera or a ball head. Attach the mount to your photographic tripod as usual using a 1/4" thread, and align the MiniTrack as required. On the other side, attach a ball head using a 3/8" thread.


GP plate for mounting

Simply attach the MiniTrack to a polar wedge. You don't need a prism rail. A GP Vixen-style plate has been incorporated into the body. Here everything is fully integrated and you no longer need to waste time on screws or spanners.

And if you want to mount the MiniTrack onto a tilt head? There is an integrated 1/4" and 3/8" thread for this purpose.

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX Quattro NS SET (Polar-Wedge)

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