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Discount for ASM's members

Omegon is a firm by Astroshop / Nimax, which proposes classic catalogs re-branded in their own style, offering a high standard value at a very reasonable price.

As a token of our appreciation for your membership with The Astronomical Society of Malta, we are delighted to extend exclusive discounts, valid on Omegon catalogue, tailored to your status within the society.

On selected Omegon products available on the website we propose:

For products under 750 euros:

  • 9% discount on all purchases for members

  • 12% discount if you've held an active membership for a minimum of 2 years

For products exceeding 750 euros:

  • 12% discount to any members

  • 15% discount if you've held an active membership for a minimum of 2 years

ASM privilege members: contact us to discuss a 18% discount, eligeble on certain products

Claiming your well-deserved discount is effortless:

  1. Navigate to website "", and explore the array of products.

  2. Select your desired item, and take note of its product number.

  3. Reach out to us through email or chat, sharing the product number and your selection. Please note: To avail of the discounts, kindly ensure that your order is placed exclusively through our channel. Orders directed to Omegon will be processed by Omegon at their listed price.

  4. Product will be deliverd in approximately 14 working days.

In addition to these enticing discounts, we are excited to introduce ASM members to an exclusive price list encompassing ZWO and Optolong products. The listed prices include standard shipping and require advance payment through bank transfer during the order placement. Please contact us to receive dedicated discounted price list.

A few important notes for your convenience:

  1. Kindly note that our discounts are exclusively applicable to advance payment made via bank transfer.

  2. All items showcased are contingent upon supplier availability and are accompanied by the supplier's guarantee.

  3. Please be aware that item and shipping prices may undergo alterations due to factors beyond our control. Rest assured, any adjustments will be promptly updated.


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