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If you're an astrophotographer, you know that capturing stunning images of the night sky can be a challenging task. But with the ZWO ASIAIR PLUS, it's never been easier!

This intelligent WiFi controller replaces the need for a laptop or expensive stand-alone autoguider, and eliminates the cable tangle at your telescope. All you need is your smartphone or tablet, which you connect to the ASIAIR-WiFi. The ASIAIR PLUS has a wide range of applications.

You can control all ZWO ASI USB 3.0 cameras (cooled cameras require an extra power supply), autoguide with a ZWO MINI camera (like the ASI120 Mini), control selected mounts from Skywatcher or iOptron, control selected DSLR and system cameras, use autofocus with the ZWO EAF motorized focuser, and much more!

You can even preview images, polar align your telescope, capture planetary and lunar videos, and perform live stacking.

The ASIAIR PLUS is the third generation of the ASIAIR, and it comes with some exciting new features.

The built-in WiFi antenna amplifies the signal and extends the range, while four newly added indicators for the 12 V DC outputs allow you to check the power status and monitor the consumption in real-time. Plus, the new USB-C port lets you connect the ASIAIR PLUS directly to your computer to transfer data instead of using an SD card and card reader. And with its aluminum CNC machined body, the ASIAIR PLUS is now even more compact and durable.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the ASIAIR PLUS is its operational reliability. The ASIAIR OS runs on eMMC memory, and the new "Auto Recovery Mode" feature allows the system to automatically detect errors and restore itself.

With the ASIAIR PLUS, you can focus on capturing stunning images of the night sky, and let the device take care of the rest.

ZWO Asiair plus 256GB

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