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The ZWO AM5 Equatorial Mount with Harmonic Drive Gears is a portable and versatile option for astrophotography enthusiasts.

Developed over several years and featuring various patents, this mount weighs less than 5 kg and can carry telescopes up to 13 kg without counterweight. With the addition of counterweight and the counterweight rod (not included), the mount can even carry telescopes up to 20 kg.

The AM5 can be used in both equatorial and azimuth modes, with the equatorial mode being ideal for astrophotography.

Unlike traditional German equatorial mounts that require counterweights to balance the weight of the telescope, the AM5 utilizes harmonic drive gears from the robotics industry, which eliminate the need for counterweights up to a telescope weight of 13 kg. This feature makes the mount lighter, more compact, and easier to operate. For heavier telescopes, counterweights are recommended to maintain balance.

The AM5 mount undergoes rigorous testing and measurement by ZWO before delivery to ensure a periodic error ("PE") of less than +/-20 arc seconds.

The autoguider has ample time to correct any periodic errors as they occur very slowly. The mount also features an ST-4 autoguiding interface, and the PE can be electronically reduced via ASIAir or other software.

The AM5 is a true travel mount that can be used anywhere on Earth, from the equator to the poles. It easily fits in any flight baggage, making it perfect for astrophotography enthusiasts on the go.

Finally, the AM5 can be controlled via smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for cables. The mount works seamlessly with ASIAir from ZWO, allowing users to control everything from the camera to autoguiding to the mount via the app. The handbox can also be used without a smartphone, and it works wirelessly as well.



  • Payload (kg): 13
  • Input voltage: 12Vdc
  • Mounting saddle: Losmandy & Vixen
  • Tripod: no
  • Total weight (kg): 5
  • WIFI: yes
  • Autoguiding: yes
  • Pole finder: no
  • GoTo system: yes

ZWO AM5 Harmonic Mount

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