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The EQ-3 mount is tailored to enhance sturdiness and functionality. It offers a reliable foundation for a wide range of mid-sized telescopes, making it an excellent companion for celestial exploration.

Once aligned with the Pole Star, the parallactic mount enables effortless targeting of celestial objects. Its flexible slow-motion controls facilitate smooth adjustments and precise tracking, allowing for fine-tuning in both right ascension and declination.

The mount's polar elevation can be accurately calibrated using the provided fine scale and two screws.

Additionally, both axes are compatible with polar finders and electric motors, with the option for retrofitting.

This versatility makes the EQ3-2 suitable for visual observation and entry-level astrophotography.

By incorporating add-ons like the motor kit or GoTo upgrade, capturing long-exposure images of galaxies and nebulae becomes achievable.


  • load capacity (kg): 5
  •  Mounting saddle: 45mm (EQ5 - Vixen style)
  • Counterweight(s) (piece): 2 (1.8 kg and 3.42 kg)
  • Tripod: Aluminium
  • Total weight (kg): 13



  • GoTo Kit

  • Motor Kit

  • Polar scope



Skywathcer EQ3 mount

€335.00 Regular Price
€285.00Sale Price
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