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The Sky-Watcher Newton Quattro 150/600 telescope is a high-performance reflector telescope, known for its large diameter and affordability. With a 150mm diameter and 600mm focal length, this telescope is ideal for photographers who want to capture detailed images of celestial objects. With a fast f/3.45 focal ratio (reduced bycoma corrector), this instrument is capable of revealing even the faintest details of distant objects.

Its short focal ratio makes it ideal for aiming galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and other faint objects in the night sky. The lightweight and compact design of this telescope makes it easy to use and transport, and it can be mounted on EQ3 type mounts or higher for best results. (EQ5 recommended for astrophotography)

The Newton Quattro features a parabolic mirror with a diameter of 150mm, a dual-speed focuser with 50.8/31.8mm dual speed eyepiece holder, a 6x30 finder scope, and a 22mm Ultra Wide eyepiece with 70 field degrees. In addition, a coma corrector f/3.45 is included, making it easier to take clear and sharp photos of celestial objects. This telescope is the perfect tool for amateur and professional astronomers who want to explore the universe and capture stunning images of the night sky.



Newton Photographic Optical Scheme



Focal lenght



Crayford dual-speed 50.8 / 31.8



Come corrector

included, reducing focal lenght to 518mm

Skywatcher Newton 4-150

Delivery in approximately 20 to 60 days. Contact us via social media chat or e-mail regarding availability.
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