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The AZ-EQ Avant mount represents the perfect synthesis of portable altazimuthal and equatorial mounts available on the market.

Ideal for both visual observers and photographers who need a lightweight, comfortable mount equipped with micrometric motions and adaptable to every possible situation and need.

The good load capacity of around 3kg is ideal for those who love light, compact instruments, but still desire rigidity and excellent performance.

The compactness and robustness of the AZ-EQ Avant mount will surprise you!

The new AZ-EQ Avant mount can be used in both altazimuthal and equatorial configurations, with the possibility of switching from one to the other in just a few seconds.

For quick observation or photography, set the mount in altazimuthal mode, while if you want to observe planets, clusters, galaxies, or even just the Moon, set the latitude base of the mount to your latitude using the graduated scale and roughly orient it, perhaps using the compass on your smartphone, towards the celestial north pole.

By acting only on the micrometric motion of the RA axis, you will keep the objects you want to observe and investigate centered in the frame.

The MC 102/1300 telescope:

This telescope is particularly well-suited for introducing children to the wonders of the night sky. Despite its compact size, it offers exceptional contrast, making for vivid and immersive viewing experiences. 

With a resolution of 1.13 arc seconds, this telescope offers a rich array of experiences: planets reveal intricate details and become captivating subjects for observation. Exploring deep-sky objects such as the Orion Nebula or the summer Milky Way is equally rewarding. 

Skywatcher Maksutov 102 AZ-EQ Avant

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