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Unveil the wonders of the night sky with the AC 90/900 optical telescope, equipped with an acromatic lens system that corrects most of the chromatic aberrations. This innovative combination of two lenses ensures a crisp and clear viewing experience, with a 1:10 focal ratio making this telescope ideal for moon and planetary. Thanks to this relatively simple optical system, this telescope is ideal for beginners and those embarking on their first celestial observations, including children that can quickly grasp the fundamentals of astronomy.


The EQ-2 Mount:

The equatorial EQ-2 mount provides the ability to precisely align the optics with the North Star. This allows for setting the correct height of the North Star or amplitude for every observation point. Micro-metric movements in Right Ascension and Declination enable precise pointing and tracking of celestial objects, while a counterweight ensures proper balance of the optical tube. This stable and vibration-free mount supports smaller telescopes efficiently. The aluminum tripod is extendable with a variable height range from 71cm to 121cm, and an accessory tray provides space for eyepieces and various accessories.

The EQ2 mounts is extremely lightweight, compact, and fits comfortably in almost any bag. Beginners will find it easy to assemble, and it's also suitable for children. Optionally, it can be equipped with a Right Ascension tracking motor for added convenience.



Skywatcher EvoStar 90/900 EQ-2

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