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Omegon RC telescopes provide a wide, coma-free field of view - perfect for round stellar images right out to the edge of the field of view.

  • hyperbolic mirrors - extremely sharp image, wide field of view with no need for a corrector

  • quartz mirrors for stable focus, eliminating the need to refocus

  • high reflection - 92-94% dielectric reflective coating for bright, high-contrast observing and astronomy photos

  • rapid cool-down thanks to open design

  • electric fans for even faster cool-down (only for 10" model)


Hyperbolic mirrors for a better image RC telescopes have hyperbolic main and secondary mirrors. They do not use spherical mirrors, such as in Schmidt-Cassegrain systems. This great idea is a big advantage to you - take better and sharper astronomy photos and enjoy a wider usable field of view! Ultra-sharp with APS-C chips. even without using a corrector. This technology was unaffordable even a few years ago. The new Omegon RC telescopes are now affordable for every amateur astronomer.


Photograph without needing a corrector Use your DSLR or astronomy camera with your telescope without needing a corrector, for coma-free and pin-sharp stellar images, right out to the edge of the field of view. The 8" and 10" models even allow you to use 24x36mm full-frame chips without any corrector. All professional DSLR cameras will fit and countless astronomy cameras too. 


Steel OTA for stable focusing and high contrast In addition to containing a good mirror, a steel OTA plays a decisive role in producing good astronomy photos. This Omegon RC OTA has a 50% reduced focus shift when compared to an aluminium OTA. Precisely located stray-light baffles also ensure high contrast.


A better image than an SC telescope To start with, an RC telescope is completely different to the classic SC or Maksutov design. It has no corrector plate and is hence an open system that adapts faster to the ambient temperature than an SC telescope. The absence of a front corrector plate also means that the telescope provides brighter images with no risk of internal reflections. Ritchey-Chretien systems are the most highly corrected two-mirror telescopes available. Their edge-to-edge image sharpness is impressive, so it is no wonder that practically all large research telescopes use this design of telescope in their professional observatories.



Type of build



Aperture (mm)



Focal length (mm)



Aperture ratio (f/)



Resolving capacity



Limit value (mag)



Tube weight (kg)



Tube length (mm)




Crayford 2"

Crayford 2


Omegon Ritchey-Chretien Pro RC

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