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  • magnesium housing - makes your binoculars light and robust

  • shockproof - ideal for outdoor use

  • BAK-4 prisms - clear viewing thanks to a high-transparency prisms

  • waterproof and nitrogen-filled

  • multicoated to prevent reflections


Magnesium housing - no more tired arms

Imagine you are observing something in the sky with some other binoculars. After some minutes it starts to become tiring and you have to change your grip. But your arms start to ache anyway and you have to give up. But Argus binoculars have a magnesium housing under their black skin - making them amazingly light and letting you use them for much longer periods than would otherwise be possible.


A white image with crisp contrast

Argus binoculars let you see nature as it really is! They provide a neutral-white image. Many other binoculars are often let down by an intense yellowish image.

And the contrast is also brilliant! All lenses are multi-coated to prevent reflections and stray light. So the light gets to precisely the place where it needs to be - in your eyes.


High edge definition

From the centre right out to the edge of the field of view - as soon as you look through your Argus binoculars you will enjoy fantastic sharpness over the entire field of view. This is due to the special optical design and 8 lens element eyepieces.


Comfortable for everyone -eyepieces for spectacle wearers

More than half of the population wear glasses! It's time for a change - the eyepieces of this binocular series are more kind to spectacle wearers. No more “Where did I leave my glasses?" Leaving your glasses on still lets you see the entire field of view through these binoculars.


Individual focusing - adjust the eyepieces separately

Your Argus binoculars allow you to adjust the focus for each eyepiece separately. So, in future, you will always have everything in focus and will no longer need to fiddle with them when observing distant objects. And a quick look is then possible if you discover something exciting.


Included in delivery

  • binoculars

  • eyepiece rainguard

  • lens caps

  • strap

  • carrying case

  • adapter



  • Type of build Porro prisms
  • Magnification 16
  • Front lens diameter (mm) 70
  • Exit pupil (mm) 4,3
  • Interpupillar distance (mm) 56-70
  • Glass material BaK-4
  • Focusing system Single focusing
  • True field of view (°) 4
  • Surface material Rubber armouring
  • Colour black
  • Length (mm) 300
  • Width (mm) 220
  • Weight (g) 2400


Omegon Binoculars Argus 16x70

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