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New padded bag for transporting astronomical and photographic accessories from Geoptik.

If you're looking for a convenient and secure way to transport your astronomical and photographic accessories, look no further than this new padded bag. Designed to hold up to 11 eyepieces (1.25" and 2"), the bag also features a specially-sized slot to accommodate a 50mm photographic lens or small zoom lens. Additionally, the bag includes a compartment for a camera or 2" diagonal.

The top of the bag is padded to provide extra protection for your photographic equipment, binoculars, or small telescope.

This padded bag offers a great way to store and transport your astronomy and photography accessories safely and easily. Its various slots and compartments allow you to organize and protect your gear, while the sturdy construction and waterproof zippers ensure that everything stays secure and dry.


Technical Specifications: Width: 230mm Length: 330mm Height: 130mm + 250mm Weight: 1.5 Kg. Holes: 1x D.70mm, 3x D.60mm, 4x D.50mm, 3x D.40mm, 1x 140x60mm


Geoptik accessories bag

€110.00 Regular Price
€80.00Sale Price
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