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Introducing the innovative 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit, meticulously designed to keep your telescope and electronic devices spotless. Crafted with high-quality materials, this kit offers a safe and effective solution for removing dust, particles, and smudges without causing scratches or streaks.


Safe Cleaning Solution: Our kit includes a small bottle of cleaning solution specifically formulated for external use only, ensuring that it does not come into contact with lenses, sensors, or electronics.


Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices and optical surfaces, including camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, glasses, keyboards, laptops, tablets, printers, computers, phones, and more.


Comprehensive 6-in-1 Kit: Engineered for deep cleaning of high-quality coated optical glass and electronics, our kit includes:

  • 1 Storage bag

  • 1 Dual-sided Pen

  • 1 Dust Blower

  • 1 Cleaning Brush

  • 1 small bottle of cleaning solution (for chassis and external use only, refrain from applying on lenses, sensors, and electronics)

  • 1 Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning kit

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