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23rd June - 2nd July 2023

Attention all astronomy enthusiasts! We are buzzed to announce our presence at the Malta Trade Fair 2023. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary celestial journey with us, your go-to destination for telescopes and astronomical equipment in Malta.

Come meet us at our booth, get hands-on with our products, and let us be your trusted companion in exploring the cosmos. We will be showcasing our remarkable collection of telescopes and astronomical equipment. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the wonders of the universe up close and personal.

Exclusive Fair Offers To celebrate our presence at the Malta Trade Fair 2023, we have prepared exclusive offers and promotions that you won't want to miss. Take advantage of special discounts and limited-time offers on our top-quality telescopes and accessories.

Offer 1: Walking on the Moon >>> 60 euro discount

+ Telescope Sky-Watcher dobson 6

+ Finder Scope9x50 Angled

+ Filter moon 25%

+ Eyepiece super wide angle 10mm,

+ Astronomy camera veLox 290C

Normal price: 1009.00 euro >>> Trade Fair price 949.00 euro

Offer 2: Shoot like a pro >>> 100 euro discount

+ Mount Skyw-Watcher EQM35 pro wifi

+ Telescope Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED + flattener +hardcase

+ Camera Omegon VeTec533C cooled

Normal price: 2715.00 euro >>> Trade Fair price 2615.00 euro

Offer 3: The Way of Binos >>> 20 euro discount

+ Bino BlackStar 20x50

Normal price: 155.00 euro >>> Trade Fair price 135.00 euro

Offer 4: Young astronomer growing up >>> 30 euro discount

+ Telescope Refractor 60/700 on AZ2 mount

Normal price: 160.00 euro >>> Trade Fair price 130.00 euro

Special Event

Enhance your skills in capturing breathtaking images of the Moon and planets using a telescope and astronomy camera. Join our exclusive Moon and Planetary Imaging Course and unlock the secrets of astrophotography. During this course, which spans 1.5 hours, we will guide you through four essential steps to master planetary imaging:

  1. Introduction to basic equipment for planetary imaging: discover the necessary tools and accessories required to embark on your celestial photography journey.

  2. Finding Planets in the Sky: Learn the techniques to locate planets and identify their positions in the night sky, enabling you to capture them with precision.

  3. Setting Up a Planetary Photography Session: Gain insights into the optimal settings and configurations for your equipment to ensure optimal results.

  4. Capturing Images of Planets and the Moon: Acquire the skills to capture stunning images of planets and our celestial companion, the Moon, using advanced techniques and strategies.

  5. Learn the the crucial step of processing and editing your astronomical images, enabling you to bring out the best in your captures.

Please note that availability is limited, and booking in advance is required to secure your spot. Choose from the following dates and times for the course:

  • Tuesday, 27th

  • Wednesday, 28th

  • Thursday, 29th

All sessions will begin promptly at 8:30 PM. To reserve your place, kindly send us an email with your preferred date.

We look forward to guiding you on this captivating astronomical journey.


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